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   Nanoplex Arginine is a world leader in Hair Straightening, our exclusive blend is e perfect combination between what there is of most technological in the cosmetics industry with the millenar health benefits from the brazilian nature, bringing not only the perfect smooth to the hair, but the shine, health and softness that every women and men always dreamed of.

- 0% Formaldehyde
- Color Protection
- 1 Step Application
- 94% Satisfaction Rate

   Arginine is an essential amino acid that is present in capillary keratin, but which is not produced naturally by the human body, so it must be acquired through feeding or applied directly on the hair. with the replacement of the substance, the surface and inner components of the threads can be rebuilt, which brings several benefits to the hair.

What the Sciende says:

As explained by the dermatologist Gabriella Albuquerque "When our hair is very fragile and damaged, there is an increase in negatively charged sites on its surface. We can verify this through an electron microscope, as, for example, when perceiving open sclaes in the capillary cuticle. and arginine acts as a cation that interacts with negatively charged sites" 

That is by having a low molecular weight and double positive charge, the arginine is able to penetrate easily through the various layers of the hair fiber and be rapidly absorbed.

Nanoplex Arginina 1L Protein (0% Formaldehyde)

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