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What are Protein Hair Treatments? And should you get one?

Protein treatments for hair are not the first thing that comes to mind, when dealing with damaged hair – but maybe they should be?

What Are Protein Hair Treatments?

Protein hair treatments are hair products loaded with a kind of protein that the hair can absorb. Vitta Gold´s hair protein treatments strengthen the hair, restore it if it’s been damaged, and fill in gaps between the cuticles thereby supporting the integrity of the hair shaft.

Proteins for hair slow water loss, and can help keep the hair moisturized. Emollients will also help slow down water loss, so keep reading to figure out which type of ingredient would be better for you – the health of your hair depends on making the right choice!

So was it a protein treatment your hair needed all this time?

Before And After with the NANOPLEX treatment

Signs That You Need a Protein Hair Treatment

• Dry hair on its own is not enough to justify a protein hair treatment, because switching to a richer hair conditioner, or adding regular masking with emollients should always be the first step in treating dryness. If you try emollient-based treatments and they don’t work well enough on their own, then it is definitely time to give protein hair treatments a try.

• You should try protein hair treatments if your hair is more porous due to damage caused by bleaching, over-chlorination from the pool, or permanent chemical hair treatments like relaxing or perming. All of these circumstances can cause the hair to lose proteins.

To figure out if your hair is porous, you can do a strand test. Place a strand of your hair in a shallow bowl of water. If the hair sinks immediately, then your hair is very porous.

• Protein hair treatments are, in general, more appropriate for those who do not have very thick hair strands (i.e. anyone referred to as having fine or medium hair), because it’ll add strength and rigidity.

• If you are just about to undergo a serious hair treatment like bleaching or perming, doing a protein hair treatment first is a good idea. It will help to mitigate some of the damage the dyeing or perming will cause.

• If you have noticed a lot of hair breakage, and conditioning treatments haven’t helped, then give a protein hair treatment a try.

• If your hair is very flat, and has a difficult time achieving voluminous styles like curls or waves.

What Kind of Proteins Are Used in Protein Hair Treatments?

The most frequent proteins you’ll see show up in protein hair treatments are keratin, collagen, oat, rice, wheat, and silk. They will normally be preceded by the word “hydrolyzed”, meaning that the protein has been broken down into a smaller molecule that is able to penetrate through the layers of keratin that make up the hair more easily.

The words “amino acid” and “protein” in the ingredients list are also a good sign for a protein hair treatment, since hair proteins can come from so many different kinds of natural sources. Speaking of, you want to make sure these ingredients show up as one of the first 6 ingredients on the list, to know that there is a significant amount of protein in the formula, in all of Vitta Gold´s product, the ammount of amino acid is always as high as possible to bring the best result in less time.

Best Protein Hair Treatments

1. Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein: Water soluble protein derived from wheat, it penetrates the cortex of each strand. It strengthens and moisturizes hair, increases it’s ability to receive and maintain moisture, present in all of out protein treatments. https://www.vittagold.com/shop

2. Hydrolyzed Silk Protein Derived from one of the strongest natural fibers in the world. Forms a cystalline protective barrier on strands. Improves hair’s elasticity, resiliency, increases shine (silk is known for it’s ability to hold 10,000 times it’s weight in water.). Especially used for a much faster result in our line. https://www.vittagold.com/silk

3. GlycoProtein: Derived from oyster shells, contains sugar and amino acids that help strengthen and smooth hair.

4. Milk Protein (Lactabumin): Derived from milk, high in lactic acid containing 8 essential amino acids. Has been labeled the most perfect protein. Great for dry or damaged hair and is applied in all of our treatments for the best result. https://www.vittagold.com/shop

5. Hydrolyzed Soy Protein: Water soluble protein derived from soy. Strengthens and mends hair fiber. Increases the ability for hair to hold moisture. Adds shine and smoothes hair.

6. Collagen Protein: Increases elasticity in hair.

7. Vegetable Protein: Hydrates hair. Great for porous or damaged hair and split ends. Absorbs more easily into hair shaft than animal protein. Leaves no build up, easily found in the brazilian nature and highly recommended. Present in all of our treatments is great for every hair type. https://www.vittagold.com/coconut

8. Animal Protein: Breaks down into fatty acids and coats the hair. Leaves build up on the hair.

9. Keratin Protein: Every ones hair is made up of keratin protein. This is the strongest of the hair product proteins. When used in product form, it strengthens the hair shaft preventing breakage. Smoothes the hairs cuticle reducing frizz and making it softer and shinier so it would never be left out of any of our treatments!

You can check out more about our brand and how we combined brazilian proteins with a special noble oil blend to creat the best, hair straightner and treatment for every hair.

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