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NanoTechnology on the rise in the Hair Industry.

Updated: Dec 12, 2018

Hair is a significant indicator of health and can have a major impact on an individual’s cosmetic appearance. Research within the cosmetics industry has revealed that when nanomaterials are engineered into hair care, they can enhance the benefits of active ingredients in order to improve hair cosmesis. Within the cosmetics arena, the unique size and properties of nanoparticles can be tailored to target the hair follicle and shaft. This article aims to provide an overview of cosmetic nanocarriers that can be employed to improve the appearance of hair.

The widespread influence of nanotechnology within the cosmetic arena is due to the unique properties exhibited by particles at the nanoscale. It is possible to have enhanced knowledge of the composition of the hair fiber and an understanding of follicular targeting pathways are assisting the development of new techonologies in the hair industry.

It is no surprise that an estimated 90.1 billion dollars will be spent in the hair care market in 2018. Nanotechnology-based innovations are aimed at improving the stability of cosmetic ingredients, enhancing the aesthetic appearance of products and targeting active ingredients to the focal structures with controlled release and sustained effects. Much research has focused on the ways in which nanomaterials can be used to improve hair appearance—maintaining shine, silkiness and health of hair.

Vitta Gold seeks to implement nanotechnology in all its products for the best results for each situation and different natural component. The revolutionary process of being able to seal the hair cuticle without having to open it, using only nano particles to penetrate the hair, has changed the way we treat hair straightening in the world. And now it is possible for people anywhere in the world to try the future way of giving your hair the best treatment with the necessary vitamins, nutrientes and acids using only organic compounds.

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