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How Did Vitta Gold Innovate the Professional Cosmetics Market in Arab countries?
We have seen the curiosity of our customers and readers lately to learn about our business relationships in the Middle East. So, we created this post detailing how we work commercially in our dear Arab countries.To begin with, a reason...
A Global Case of Professional Cosmetics: Vitta Gold Reaches Operations in More Than 60 Countries in Less Than 4 Years.
In recent years we have significantly increased our business and got recognition at the international level. We have taken various steps for this but majorly focused on our products export. It has increased the chances of swift and intact product...
How Do I Know If the Keratin Treatment I'm Using Contains Formol?
Do you also know about keratin treatment's lousy reputation? It's because of a chemical component named formol or formaldehyde that the FDA declared unsafe in 2011.  When people get to know about formaldehyde, they usually ask these questions: What is...
What Are the Best Components in Keratin Hair Treatments?
Keratin hair treatment, aka Brazilian Keratin, is the worldwide most demanding hair treatment to get smooth and straight hair. Women posting videos of silkier hair must have impressed you to get the keratin treatment. But if you don't pay attention...
Is It Possible to Do Hair Treatment with Keratin at Home?
Is It Possible to Do Hair Treatment with Keratin at Home? Who does not want to save 40 to 60% of the total time spent styling hair each day? And above all, having soft, shiny, and healthy hair every day?...
5 signs that your hair is in need of protein
5 signs that your hair is in need of protein: 1 - HIGH POROSITY That's when the hair has gaps and tears, that makes it more susceptible to damage, increases frizz and can even lose color on color-treated hair. Protein...
Necessary care when bleaching hair

The quick and visible effect of chemical treatment on hair can be tempting, and there's nothing wrong with wanting to change the color of your hair. But, you need to take some precautions before and after the procedure.

Discover the benefits of Aloe Vera for your hair

Aloe Vera, in Brazil known generically as Babosa, is a plant of Africa, with healing and moisturizing properties, widely used in the composition of herbal medicines and cosmetics. 

What does L-Arginine do for hair?

Arginine is one of the amino acids responsible for the formation of the hair fiber. This nutrient is passed to the hair through the root, clearing the hair bulb. This helps to improve the growth of new strands and favors their healthy growth.

The importance of Biodiversity in the world and why we must preserve it.

On May 22, we celebrate International Biodiversity Day. The preservation of Biodiversity occurs with sustainable attitudes, such as the conscious use of natural resources, separation, and correct disposal of garbage, among other actions.

What is the Hair Schedule and How to Create Yours?

The capillary schedule is a hair care routine that includes three main treatments: hydration, nutrition, and reconstruction. It is suitable for all types of hair, regardless of its texture or curvature, since all strands can suffer from external factors.

Seven Essential Organic Oils for Complete Hair Nutrition
Organic oils have been used for centuries and each day they become more relevant and with more applications, including in our daily routine. They are complex substances, with high volatile power and variable fragrances originating from leaves, flowers, stems, barks...
Healthy food for Healthy Hair: Best Foods to Hair Growth, Nutrition and Health.
Totally healthy hair is every woman's dream. What few know is that in order to realize this beautiful dream, in addition to investing in excellent quality hair products, free of harmful chemicals, it is essential to acquire nutrients properly, nourishing the hair from the inside out. Read the article and discover the best practices in relation to healthy nutrition, which collaborates with health and hair growth.
What are the Real Benefits of Coconut Oils for the Hair Health and Beauty?

A well-known organic component within the cosmetics segment, coconut oils are recognized for their proven benefits for the health and beauty of hair.

In this article, we will explain in detail what are the real impacts of using products that contain these oils, telling a little more about their characteristics, benefits, and method of use.

Health Risks of Formaldehyde for Salons, Hairdressers and Clients (and How to Avoid It)
Keratin hair smoothing treatments, like the popular “Brazilian Blowout” promise to transform your hair - but what about Formaldehyde? In this article we will talk about the myths and truths about the risks of using Formaldehyde in your hair treatment - and the organic and natural alternatives to this harmful chemical component.
How Arginine Hair Treatments are Changing Cosmetics Market
A detailed guide to understand how this powerful amino acid is innovating hair treatments around the world, boosting growth, protection and smoothening. What is Arginine (L-Arginine)?  L-arginine is a semi-essential amino acid that is involved in many important functions in...