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Health Risks of Formaldehyde for Salons, Hairdressers and Clients (and How to Avoid It)
Keratin hair smoothing treatments, like the popular “Brazilian Blowout” promise to transform your hair - but what about Formaldehyde? In this article we will talk about the myths and truths about the risks of using Formaldehyde in your hair treatment - and the organic and natural alternatives to this harmful chemical component.
Vitta Gold wins the Beauty Oscar for International Projection
Vitta Gold Cosmetics was awarded as the Best Exporting Company in the category of International Projection during the Oscar of the Beauty Market in Brazil, being recognized as a Top International Professional Smoothing Cosmetics Company, a reference on Brazilian Protein and Keratin manufacturer. Read more in this article.
How Arginine Hair Treatments are Changing Cosmetics Market
A detailed guide to understand how this powerful amino acid is innovating hair treatments around the world, boosting growth, protection and smoothening. What is Arginine (L-Arginine)?  L-arginine is a semi-essential amino acid that is involved in many important functions in...